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It comes out June 28, and I just want to make sure we’re all clear on these things, before you even read the first word. The sequel, HOW NOT TO LET GO, comes out in December, and it contains Charles and Annie’s happy ending. Please feel free to wait until then and read them both […]

Jo Eberhardt writes at WriterUnboxed about the “trouble with female protagonists” – spoiler: the trouble is “There aren’t enough of them.” Indeed, even though she had made a concerted effort to include books with girl heroes in her sons’ collection, when she actually made an inventory, she found that just 27% of them had girls […]

Today is the day that How Not to Fall is available (a | bn | ib | iB | gp), and I am genuinely thrilled. I am also profoundly Feelsy, because I know not everyone will love it, and some of the people who don’t love it will take delight in explaining to the internet […]

There is a secret hidden in the Belhaven series, and that is that every single major character is a GIANT fan of Douglas Adams. Arrite, maybe it’s not that secret or hidden. Maybe I named my hero – Charles Douglas – after Charles Darwin and Douglas Adams. May 25 is “Towel Day,” a day when […]

Just a quickie post, y’all – I’m thrilled to say that Kensington is running a giveaway on Goodreads, giving away TWENTY-FIVE COPIES of How Not to Fall! Click here to enter to win a copy between now and May 18. Share and enjoy!

I had a very great pleasure of talking with Sarah and Amanda on the DBSA podcast – you can hear it here. They tell me I’m the first guest ever to use the phrase “submissive pain slut” on the podcast!   Being such a fan of the podcast myself, when they asked if I’d be […]

I’m in the home stretch on the story I’ve been working on for… since… like… a while. Long time. In my fiction writing experience so far, I tend to write really fast for the first half of the book (that’s half by word count; I don’t write chronologically), and then gradually get slower and slower, […]