Gourmet 13


He sat on the couch and used the lapels of the robe again to pull her onto his lap, facing him. Her vulva pressed against his penis and she found she was already wet and slick against him. Oliver had again pinned her arms to her sides with the robe and his was kissing her deeply. She rocked her hips slowly to feel the head of his penis sliding against her clit. He gave grunt and pulled the robe all the way down, past her wrists, and to the floor.

He looked at her body, rocking gently in his lap. She was naked now, and she felt self-conscious, as always, about her rounded belly, her fleshy hips, her wide thighs, but she saw in his gaze only approval and hunger. She planted her hands on the wall behind the couch and leaned forward to put her nipple in his mouth. He took it willingly, while his hands explored her curves, running curiously and appreciatively over her skin. She massaged her swollen clit along his shaft in long, sweeping strokes.

When his hands gripped her hips to coax her onto him, she acquiesced easily. In one movement, she lifted her hips, positioned the head of cock right at the mouth of her vagina pressed down a tiny, tiny bit, so that just the very tip of him was inside her. She squeezed her muscles around him and they both groaned. She lowered her body to take just a little more of him into her, then squeezed again as she pulled back up. And then down, just a fraction of an inch further than last time, and squeezing as she pulled back up. She put her face beside his and closed her lips around his earlobe. His hands were pressing her down on her hips, trying to push her all way down, but she resisted, teasing him, delaying the satisfying moment they were both anticipating. Slow, minute movements grew steadily faster, taking in more and more of him with each stroke. His abdominal muscles were tense under her, his spine arching, his hands running from her breasts to her hips, pressing at the junction of thigh and hip to persuade her to sink her whole, weight onto him. He was vibratingly rigid inside her, tantalizingly hot against her wet pussy.

Charlotte listened to his breath growing hoarse and rapid. When his hands were clenching convulsively around her thighs and his hips were rocking with the contraction of his abdominal and thigh muscles, she stopped, staying quite still, hovering over him with just the barest tip of him inside her. His breath stopped with her.

“Oh god,” he gasped when he finally remembered to exhale, then locked down his abdomen again, running his hands from her breasts to her thighs, pushing desperately against her hips to pull her down onto him.

She did at last. Quickly, she plunged herself down onto him, letting him fill her completely–and then pulled up again, holding still and gasping herself now, his cock again just barely inside her. His hands clutched at her back and her ass.

And again–one quick stroke, pressing herself hard against him, and then back up to hold just the tip of his cock between her wet, swollen lips. His moan became a whimper.


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