Gourmet 19

She lay limp and relaxed on her back, twisted at the waist with one leg between his and the other draped across his opposite thigh. He rested one hand on the round curve of her ass; the other hand he tucked between her legs and pressed onto her clitoris. It responded immediately to the pressure, and Charlotte groaned unwillingly. As he penetrated her, her breasts bounced, and this sensation too relit a fire she had thought utterly spent. She fought her arousal, refusing to allow her abdomen and thighs to tighten. But it seemed the more she relaxed her body, the more intense the sensations in her clit became.

“How do you do this to me?” she susurrated, her mind reluctant but her body obliging her to seek another climax. She held her breast with one hand and tugged at her labia with the other, exposing her clit more fully to Oliver’s caresses. He penetrated her with long slow strokes, watching her breathing become more erratic and her face more concentrated.

“You’ve always got another one in you,” he said, continuing his steady, slow fucking. “We could be here all day.” Charlotte did not reply, but kept her arm and shoulders relaxed as her finger tugged at her clit, inviting his fingers to gentle, wide circles around it. Her hips pressed forward and she whispered, “Yeah.”

His free hand roamed over her body, along her thigh and hip, around her ass, up her belly to her breasts. He seemed to be drinking her in and Charlotte melted under his touch.

He took his hand from her clit and lifted her leg from his right hip to his left shoulder. His hand returned to its soft circling motion and he gripped her leg to his chest, still fucking her slowly, deliberately. She gripped the edge of the mattress above her head and bit her lip. The combined stimulation of his cock and his hand overwhelmed her senses; it drew every molecule of her awareness, focused every drop of her attention on the locus of sensation. Her thighs and buttocks tensed with the rhythm of his fucking. Her abdomen contracted, staggering her breath. She lifted her hips to invite him deeper, but he continued, slow, steady, patient.

It was enough to stir her arousal into a keening frenzy, but not enough to push her over the edge to orgasm, and he clearly knew that, clearly intended to drive her to the brink of ecstasy and hold her dangling at the precipice. She struggled to draw him deeper, clenching her muscles around his cock, raising her hips, pushing her whole body closer to his. But he continued the slow fucking and the slow circles, imperturbable, grinning at her desperate efforts.

“Oh fuck this, I wanna come again,” she murmured, and pulled herself away from him abruptly. “Lie down.”


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