HOW NOT TO FALL has a cliffhanger ending and lots of sex.

It comes out June 28, and I just want to make sure we’re all clear on these things, before you even read the first word.

big red warning label

The sequel, HOW NOT TO LET GO, comes out in December, and it contains Charles and Annie’s happy ending. Please feel free to wait until then and read them both together, if the cliffhanger will make you likewhat


Also? HNTF has, like, a BUNCH of sex. LOTS of sex. Some of it is not strictly vanilla. If that’s not your thing, I’m gonna say HNTF might make you like



And you can maybe feel free to skip it. That’s cool.


And finally… look, Annie and Charles are NERDS. They’re not just geeks – geeks are cool compared to nerds. They are science-loving, evidence-driven, hard-core NERDS. I have a friend who’s a naturalist; he loves birds and biology A LOT. He read HNTF, despite not being a reader of romance, just because I wrote it and he’s my friend, and when Charles gives Annie a first edition of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, my biologist buddy totes got misty. He dug it.

Not everyone will feel misty about On the Origin of Species.




That is fine.


Back away slowly from the cliffhanger sexbook about science nerds.


On the other hand, some people sort of really, really love it. Like…






So, I mean, ya know.

It’s up to you.