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Should there be a “Great Sex Writing” award?

Vice’s Broadly has a piece about the Literary Review’s annual Bad Sex in Fiction award, which includes the remarkable tidbit that another literary magazine is considering a GOOD sex writing award: This year The Erotic Review, another U.K. literary review magazine, said they would start a good sex award, an initiative that various reviews and critics […]

the two best ways to spend your book birthday

Today is the day that How Not to Fall is available (a | bn | ib | iB | gp), and I am genuinely thrilled. I am also profoundly Feelsy, because I know not everyone will love it, and some of the people who don’t love it will take delight in explaining to the internet […]

Emily on Smart Bitches – send your questions!

I had a very great pleasure of talking with Sarah and Amanda on the DBSA podcast – you can hear it here. They tell me I’m the first guest ever to use the phrase “submissive pain slut” on the podcast!   Being such a fan of the podcast myself, when they asked if I’d be […]

how I deal with “writer’s block”

I’m in the home stretch on the story I’ve been working on for… since… like… a while. Long time. In my fiction writing experience so far, I tend to write really fast for the first half of the book (that’s half by word count; I don’t write chronologically), and then gradually get slower and slower, […]

flying for introverted writers who hate to fly

I flew six times last year. I’ll be flying four more times between now and May. To say, “I do not fly well” would be like saying, “I do not fall off cliffs well.” It’s not so much that I’m not good at it or that I don’t enjoy it, as it is that everything […]

copyediting is terrible.

Neil Gaiman tweeted this: Just noticed that someone at Penguin classics changed Wells’s “inexpugnable” to “inexpungible” in my HG Wells intro. #incopyeditinghell — Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself) December 30, 2015 … and something inside me felt calm for the first time since I started being copyedited.   Copyediting is terrible, even for Neil Gaiman. No one warned […]

3 things I learned about being an author, at RWA

In July, I attended my first ever national RWA conference, and I learned A TON. Mostly I attended sessions on craft and on diversity, rather than about the business end of things, since I’m still so new to this world. Writing good books that make the world just a little better is my first goal. […]