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Gourmet 20

  Smiling, he lay on his back, his erection wet and shining against his abdomen. “Come on then. Let me watch you.” Charlotte straddled his hips, lifted the head of his cock to the entrance of her vagina, and lowered her body onto him, pushing his shaft deep into him. With a growling moan, she […]

Gourmet 19

She lay limp and relaxed on her back, twisted at the waist with one leg between his and the other draped across his opposite thigh. He rested one hand on the round curve of her ass; the other hand he tucked between her legs and pressed onto her clitoris. It responded immediately to the pressure, […]

Gourmet 18

“But,” he continued, “like all men, we fogies do ultimately need our satisfaction.” “Oh you do, do you?” she said, challenge sparkling in her eye. “Oh yes,” he said, gripping her wrists and pinning them to the mattress on either side of her head, “we do.” With that, he took one nipple in his mouth […]

Gourmet 17

“Clarissa, dear, it’s Oliver. You’re on speakerphone and your mother is here.” “Oh.” “I need you to tell me if I’ve got this right. Your mother needs friends. Is that right?” “What?” “She needs to be taken care of, because she takes care of everything and everyone around her. Is that right as well?” “Well. […]

Gourmet 16

“The terrible thing about being 50,” she announced to her daughter over the phone, three weeks later, “is that you get to be so very wise.” “I thought wise was good,” Clarissa said, settling in for another meandering exploration of her mother’s drama. “It is…and it isn’t.” Charlotte leaned on the counter and drummed her […]

Gourmet 15

“When will you come home? You can’t tell me you don’t want to, not after this. You love me. Come home.” “Oh my god,” she groaned, pulling away from him, and she put her hands over her eyes, as if to block her sudden revelation from her sight. “Are you kidding me?” He looked confused […]

Gourmet 14

  And then she relented to her body’s urgent demands, plunging herself onto him, rocking her clit against his pubic bone so that, with each stroke, her clit grew more and more swollen, burned more and more intensely with arousal. She put her lips on his and he thrust his tongue into her mouth, with […]