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Hey there folks, a couple people inquired and I needed to procrastinate on a larger project, so I made some complete files: Kindle | ePUB | PDF I might rewrite Gourmet – I suppose it’s a good sign that a story I wrote several years ago, which was good enough to be published, now seems to […]

No Words 30

  “Fran you know I don’t have any words for this.” “It only takes three.” Mick sighed massively and put his hands through his hair. He looked out at the horizon. “Look,” Fran said, “I don’t know what this is or what your want right now, but I’m about to make it harder for you.” […]

No Words 29

He didn’t come the following Friday. He didn’t. Fucking. Come. He really was going to be a chickenshit little motherfucker. Fran sat in the kitchen oscillating between righteous anger and lonely tears, until finally she decided that sitting in the kitchen looked too much like she was waiting for him, so she sat in the […]

No Words 28

“Why was he here?” He was still just standing there, suspended in a colloid of emotions. “He just came over – if I hadn’t thought it was you, I would never have opened the door. So really, it’s your own fucking fault, ya dipshit, for being all weird this week. If you were normal, I’d […]

No Words 27

# “Oh hell.” She had thought it was Mick ringing the doorbell, ringing it instead of coming straight in because he was being weird and distant. But no. It was fucking Charles. Fucking Charles, who never knew when to shut up. “I’ve realized how right you were, Fran,” he was saying. “I know now that […]

No Words 26

#   “Jamie, Alice, what are you guys doing here? I thought you left right after the wedding.” “Nope, not til today. We’re on our way to the airport – I left our passports in the safe.” “Hi Mick!” “Wow. You guys look happy.” “Yeah.” Two faces beamed at each other, and then at him. […]

No Words 25

# “Had to go to work. See you Friday. M” Fran shook her head and read the note again. In the last 48 hours, they had had a quickie blowjob at a wedding reception, she had had a mega-meltdown, and they had had easily the most intense marathon of sex in her life. And she […]