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Gourmet (short story)

Charlotte left Oliver for very, very, very good reasons. She is not, not, not going to let him back into her life. She isn’t. Will she let him buy her dinner at the expensive restaurant she could never otherwise afford? Sure. Will she fuck him on the sofa and then shove him out the door? Yup. But she won’t let him into her heart. No sir. Not gonna happen.


No Words (novella)

Fran and her best friend Mick have an arrangement: She’s teaching him to cook, and he’s keeping her company on her long runs. It plays to their strengths, since he’s a natural runner and she is not, and she is a natural sybarite and he is not. It’s being working out great for a decade now. And then one day Fran gets dumped in an ugly, ugly way by her terrible, unworthy boyfriend, and Fran asks Mick for a change in their arrangement. Would he be willing to help her drown out the emotional noise of her rage and grief, with some good old-fashioned no-strings boinking?

Turns out, he would .